Keeping Auto Insurance Premiums Low on SUVs

Typically SUV insurance rates cost 15-20% more than car insurance. The main reason for this is the fact that SUV drivers are at a higher risk of filing a claim for an accident. While an SUV is designed to offer the driver and its passengers more safety in an accident, its weight and height make it more prone to a roll over in an impact collision. It can also cause severe damage to a car or a smaller vehicle because of its weight, particularly if its bumper is high while the SUV itself may sustain little or no damage.

Nevertheless, you can find good rates if you know the following tips:

  • Your SUV’s safety features can get you a good discount on your auto insurance premium. Features like electronic stability control (an enhanced antilock brake system), which works by sensing the SUV’s response to the steering wheel. If it detects a disconnect between your steering and the direction of motion of the SUV, it automatically brakes the wheels. Another feature that can keep your SUV insurance rate low is side air bags that can prevent injuries if a rollover occurs. Install an anti-theft device in your car – companies consider that this lowers the risk of a theft and you may get a break in your comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • You premium will also depend on the number of miles you drive your SUV and the location where it is parked. Living and driving in low-traffic zones often qualifies for a reduced SUV insurance rate.
  • This is no substitute for a good driving record. Drive safely and avoid accidents and traffic violations. Insurers offer good driver discounts to those with 5 years of clean driving history.
  • Affiliation to AAA and certain organizations or banks may get you a reduced group rate.
  • Your occupation, if considered low-risk, may qualify you for low-risk occupation insurance.

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Keeping Auto Insurance Premiums Low on SUVs