Cheapest Auto Insurance for Teens

Auto insurance for teens can be downright expensive. The truth is, the younger and inexperienced individuals are at driving; the higher the auto insurance quotes will be. Those who are under 20 years old are more likely to be distracted on the road, which can lead to car crashes.

Why Teenagers Don’t Get Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

According to an article on the website “Teen Auto Insurance Quote” a survey determined that 48% of teenagers between the ages of twelve and seventeen have reported being in a car while the driver was texting. The survey also showed that 75% of all teens between the ages of twelve and seventeen have a cell phone and 26% percent of them admitted to texting while driving. This obviously isn’t setting a good example for teen drivers. So, of course teen auto insurance quotes will be high, with these kinds of statistics.

Oprah Winfrey has a passion for spreading the word about teen driving safety and how teens can get cheap auto insurance quotes. Oprah officially declared a “National No Phone Zone Day”. This means no texting or talking on the cell phone. Due to teenagers having an obsession with their phones, this is surely a major safety issue for driving.

Cheap Teen Auto Insurance Quotes

In order to get cheap auto insurance, parents and teenagers must come together in understanding what it means to be a safe driver. Teenagers need to understand that texting and talking on the phone simply isn’t worth risking their lives or the lives of others.

Also, parents need to set good examples for their children and always practice what they preach. If individuals come together to teach young teens what it means to be a good driver; teen auto insurance quotes will be cheaper.

Cheapest Car Insurance Quote for Teenagers

Car Insurance for Teens

Parents should take the time to sit down with their teenagers before they get to the point of driving and talk to them about what it means to be a safe driver. Let them know it’s up to them to help change the cycle of the high cost of auto insurance. It may even be helpful to have them watch videos of what happens to teenagers who drive while texting. Unfortunately, there are plenty of news reports on what happens to teenagers and other innocent families on the road who text and drive.

When auto insurance companies give auto insurance quotes, they go by what the driving statistics show. It’s up to young drivers and their influencers to change the way they drive, in order to get cheap auto insurance.

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Cheapest Auto Insurance for Teens